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Tuna Kush

A native Canadian stain, the Tuna Kush hails from the western-most province – British Columbia. There is a lot of mystery about this strain, but not about its effects. It is currently one of the most potent strains in the market with a THC of over 25%. A highly potent strain, the average THC in the Tuna Kush is 27%. The name of this cannabis makes clear its Kush heritage. The genetics of the strain suggests it’s a decedent of the renowned Hindu Kush, at least in parts.

A fairly new strain on the scene, over the past few years it has started to surface in North America. Not the most appealing bud with its fishy, rotting tuna smell, the flower of the Tuna Kush is deep green, small, and densely packed, but crack open the bud and you will be salivating for the smoke. A stinky aroma with decant taste, overall the Tuna Kush is a great strain with high potency.

This is an Indica dominant strain with a body buzz that can relax all the muscles in the body with slight Sativa-like cerebral effects. The Tuna Kush has an Indica/Sativa ratio of 70/30. The strain provides a sedating effect while the user still has enough consciousness to remain focused and engage in activities.


The Tuna Kush is a low producing strain with small and compact buds that are covered with resin. Deep green leaves with a mint-like hue, the Tuna Kush is pretty enough with clear crystals. An average strain there is nothing glamorous about the Tuna Kush in terms of appearance but at the same time nothing to dislike.

Flavour and Aroma

Until you hold the Tuna Kush, it appears similar to any other strain, but wait until you come close, a strong rotting tuna smell will overwhelm your senses. If the rotting tuna was not enough, the hint of sour skunk only worsens the smell. This is truly one of the worst smelling strains among all thee strains of cannabis, but the high of Tuna Kush makes all of it worth it. 

The aroma of this strain carries in its flavor with an undertone of skunk. There is also a slightly earthy flavor as if you are chewing rotting tuna picked from the ground. Not the most enticing taste. Even an experienced user would have a whole new perspective about cannabis after consuming this strain and as a new user, this strain can drive you away from cannabis. Having said that, different people have different preference and this strain is gaining popularity among users. There is certainly something about Tuna Kush that users are finding attractive, our guess is its unique high.

Effects and High

If you bear the aroma and flavor of the this strain, it’s acclaimed as one of the best Indica dominant strains due to its high. The reason why users put up to its stench. The high is euphoric where users are taken in a complete state of relaxation and dreamy introspection. After a stage of cerebral high, the body buzz begins warming every muscle from the head to toe. A couch lock strain, no matter your tolerance level, the strain will make you want to lay where you are. You would be left with just enough energy to enjoy the experience with a slight grim of the face. Users who have used the strain report experience feelings such as sleepy, happy, euphoric, relaxed, and hungry. 

Medical and Negative Effects

Despite its awful smell, Tuna Kush is the first strain that comes to mind when we consider the best medical cannabis. It is effective against mental as well as physical ailments. Being a hybrid, it has just the right amount of Sativa and Indica to include the medical properties of both classifications of cannabis. Mental problems such as stress, depression, and anxiety vanish as soon as you take the Tuna Kush. It’s also a great strain is you are suffering from chronic or sporadic pain. Some other use of this strain is with a lack of appetite, insomnia, and nausea. 

As with any other strain, cottonmouth is expected with Tuna Kush. Other negative effects vary depending on the usage. Users who consume the strain report side effects such as dizziness, lethargy, paranoia, and headaches. 

To Conclude Tuna Kush

The Tuna Kush is a potent Indica dominant strain of cannabis. If you bear with the overpowering rotting tuna smell, this strain provides one of the best high and medical properties. When taken in moderation, the side effects are minimal with a slight cottonmouth. Try this strain to know for yourself. If you would like to read more about Tuna Kush; please visit Leafly’s page! 

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