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Strawberry Nuken Strain

A native Canadian strain, the Strawberry Nuken was born in British Columbia. A hybrid by classification, the Strawberry Nuken is a cross between Strawberry and Nuken. This is an Indica dominant strain with a balancing Sativa in the ratio of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. A potent strain that can take the user in a state of serene and completely relaxed, this strain has the medial attributes of Sativa as well as the Indica cannabis. The THC content in the Strawberry Nuken ranges from 21-23% with a slight variation in THC depending on the phenotype and the breeder.

This strain is also great for beginner cannabis users due to its effects that do not overwhelm. Being a balancing strain between Sativa and Indica, the strain incites a body buzz that can relax the muscles from head to toe characteristic of Indica, while also providing a slight cerebral effect displaying its Indica lineage. Users can also experience bursts of creativity. 

The buds of the Strawberry are round, dense, and covered in a blanket of trichomes. The aroma of the Strawberry Nuken is similar to fresh berries with an undertone of earthy. This is one of the most popular Canadian cannabis strains available widely online or in dispensaries. Let’s observe the features of the Strawberry Nuken in detail.


The Strawberry Nuken is a remarkable strain with beautiful buds. The leaves of the strain display the sage hue with orange hairs. Medium-sized round flowers that are densely packed, the cannabis strain boosts a punch of THC. An Indica-dominant appearance, the strain varies slightly across different phenotypes. The buds are covered in crystal resin that makes the overall appearance of the Strawberry Nuken a delight to the eyes and alluring to users.  

Aroma and Flavor

A sweet mouth-watering aroma that feels like fresh berries in the summer with an undertone of earthy and grass. The Strawberry Nuken takes its flavor from its parents. There is also a hint of strawberry that remains in your mouth even after you have exhaled. The aroma is the Strawberry Nuken indicates its taste. The flavor is remarkably similar to the smell. This is a pungent strain that fills the room with its smell that lasts even after the smoke is cleared and the cannabis is sealed and kept away. Regardless, the aftertaste that remains is pleasant and sweet, which makes this strain a desirable cannabis strain and a favorite here in Canada.


A powerful strain that hits quickly but keeps you active enough to perform activities and interact socially. A good day time strain, you can feel the Sativa and Indica effects of the Strawberry Nuken in its high. Strawberry Nuken provides full-body relaxation while keeping the mind clear. A creative strain, the users will experience bursts of creativity. Ideal strain to clear artist’s block, the Strawberry Nuken can be administered during social outings and picnics. Users who consume the strain report experiencing effects such as relaxed, uplifted, hungry, happy, and sleepy. At different stages of high, users will experience different effects. At the end of the high, the strain puts you in a deep sleep that can last for several hours on end. In terms of the effects, this strain is one of the best for its wholesome effects including cerebral and body.

Medical Use & Side Effects

The perfect harmony of Indica and Sativa makes this strain great cannabis for medicinal use. It can be used for ailments that are mental as well as physical. The Indica nature of the strain relaxes the entire body of the user from head to toe while Sativa nature makes it a great strain for mental disorders. This strain can immediately relieve your stress and pain. Immediately after administering cannabis, your mood lightens and you everything around become serene. You are filled with positivity, which makes it a good remedy for patients suffering from depression. Although this strain is effective against a long list of ailments, its recognized effects are for medical conditions such as stress, depression, lack of appetite, insomnia, and chronic pains.

The negative effects of this strain are similar to any other cannabis strain including dry mouth & eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and anxiousness.

To Conclude Strawberry Nuken

The Strawberry Nuken is a great cannabis strain native to Canada. With an aroma similar to berries and taste that would delight any user, the strain boosts a good THC percentage ranging from 20-23%. You obtain the best of both worlds with this strain – Sativa, and Indica. Strawberry Nuken provides both cerebral effects and physical. If you have not tried this strain, you are missing out on a lot. If you would like to read more about strawberry nuken; please visit Leafly’s Explanation!

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