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Seven Star SHATTER – White Castle

Seven Star Shatter | White Castle Strain Concentrate | Buy now!

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Seven Star Shatter White Castle

Seven Star Shatter is made from the finest quality AAAA Nug Run and lab tested to ensure purity and Consistency.

Seven Star Shatter White Castle Strain Overview

The Seven Star White Castle Shatter, with a pleasant sugary strawberry taste and aroma, the white castle strain is widely known for its unlikely hybrid balance. It gives you that awakening boost that is perfect for socializing but it also produces that feeling of wanting to sit on the couch and relax. Perfect for gaming or watching a movie with friends. The While Castle Strain is most sought after for its outstanding ability to relive persistent aches and pains and its often sought after by people recovering that want to manage the pain easier without pumping back medicine.

The White Castle Strain’s Cheerful and upbeat side it great for managing anxiety and stress also, its very capable in helping you regain an appetite, and will put you right into a deep wonderful sleep. Great for Social events and interactions, going out for some grub, or even some shuteye! You cant go wrong with Seven Star Shatter.

This strain by Seven Star Shatter is definitely recommended if you’re looking for help with aches and pains, anxiety or stress, and need something to help you sleep. Because of its all-around effects; this strain of shatter is perfect for all times and places. No matter where you are the white castle will never cease to let you down; as you will be higher than ever before!

If you would like to know more about this strain; Leafly does a great job of explaining it.

This Strain is a 40/60 Sativa to Indica ratio. If you would like a shatter that is more Sativa dominant; we recommend to check out our Seven Star Shatter Green Crack!

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