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Seven Star Shatter : UK Cheese Strain

Seven Star Shatter is made from the finest quality AAAA Nug Run and lab tested to ensure purity and consistency.

Seven Star Shatter: UK Cheese Overview

With a deeply sour aroma, UK Cheese is a hybrid, indica dominant concentrate, originating from the United Kingdom. This Seven Star Shatter UK Cheese Concentrate is very well know for its calm state of mind feeling. Smoking this will surely relax you, put you in a happy mood, and is definitely good for a laid back evening with friends or casual movie watching. If you had a long day at work, or just wanna kick it back Seven Star Cheese Shatter will do the job! Having a 50/50 Sativa to Indica Ratio; this dab strain should be able to put you through any kind of situation life desires to throw at you. If you’re cleaning up the house, doing homework, hanging out with friends or even socializing at a party; this strain of cannabis concentrate will make sure that you’re having the time of your life. To read more about the UK Cheese Strain; Please visit Leafly’s Explanation!

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