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Seven Star Shatter – Sensi Star

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Seven Star Shatter Sensi Star

Seven Star Shatter is made from the finest quality AAAA Nug Run and lab tested to ensure purity and Consistency.

Sensi Star is our favourite full-on “mind high” strain. Have you ever heard a joke and laughed a minute later? You’d have to be pretty baked to do that. Chances are if you’re smoking Sensi Star a little goes a long way, and you’ll definitely be that stoned. Perfect for watching a movie and laughing your butt off, Sensi Star’s effects is what the main stream use of Cannabis is known for. The strain dates way back and it has some awards under its belt. 3 time High Times Cannabis Cups winner, and a well deserved winner too Sensi Star is a world renowned strain. Although many strains have been bread to allow similar results, the cerebral high Sensi Star produces is one of a kind.

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Now For the Stonerds, here are some more technical things about this strain:

Sensi Star Strain Introduction

An Indica dominant hybrid, the Sensi Star is a cannabis strain with 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. This strain boasts a strong Indica high that can make you creative yet provide soothing and relaxing high. Sensi Star with its pungent aroma falls on the sweet side. A cross between the Afghani Indica landrace and an unknown Sativa, the strain provides a full-body relaxing effect paired with a mild cerebral high. The THC percentage of the Sensi Star makes this an incredibly potent strain. THC starts at 20% and can go as high as 25% in some phenotypes. So, this strain is definitely one of the most potent strains in the cannabis world.

Contestant for the High Times Cannabis Cups in 1999, 2000, and 2005 and the High Life Cup, the Sensi Star takes a legendary place among cannabis strains. In total, since 1997, the strain has bagged over 22 awards in major competitions. A beautiful strain, the Sensi star is predominantly dark green and purple, with crystal trichomes on top giving it the appearance of a collection of stars. A great strain for producers, the plant is relatively easy to grow with a rewarding harvest. Suitable to be grown indoors, outdoors, and hydroponically, the versatility of the strain makes this a go-to strain for veteran users and growers. Due to the high concentration of THC, this is not a strain for occasional users or beginners. The Sensi Star is the parent of two renowned strains the Gold Star and Rockstar Master Kush. Let’s have a look at the other specifications of the strain.

The Appearance of Sensi Star

When we talk about the appearance of Sensi Star, its name is appropriate. The crystal trichomes on top of the dark green and purple leaves actually give it the appearance of a constellation of stars. There are also orange hairs popping out of the green leaves, making the overall appearance of Sensi Star a true marvel in the cannabis world.

Aroma and Flavour

As you sniff the Sensi Star, the aroma that first hits you is sweet and pungent with slight hints of earthy and citrusy. This strain smells like the aroma of walking into a lime garden after a slight rain when the air has the aroma of earth and lime combined. Some users also report experiencing a coniferous forest in the strain. The flavour of the Sensi Star is alluring and exciting with citrusy and earthy. As you exhale the smoke, earthy seems to dominate with a slightly citrusy taste. During inhale, the citrusy flavour dominates the senses. All-round, this is a great smelling and tasting strain.

High of Seven Star Shatter Sensi Star

A high THC strain, the effects reveal quickly with the first puff of the joint. A strain recommended for users with a high tolerance level, the high starts with cerebral effects that lift the spirit of the user and delivers in a state of euphoria. Soon after the mind high follows an intense body-high that relaxes every muscle from head to toe. With these effects, you can also experience a lazy haze that would make it hard for you to concentrate and stay focused. Some users also report feeling lethargic and tired after using the strain. A strain with sedating effects, it’s recommended to be used in afternoons, evenings, or night, but certainly not a morning strain. With such tranquilizing effects, the high of the Sensi Star makes it a great strain for medical use. Let’s have a look at the medical properties of the strain.

Medical Use and Undesirable Effects

The primary use of Sensi Star for patients is in alleviating chronic aches and pains. Users who use it for pain relieve find the strain works well in managing severe pains. Other usages of the strain can be in relieving stress, anxiety and depression. Due to the sedating effects of Sensi Star, it is also a great strain for patients with insomnia. As the strain also increases appetite, it can be used for lack of appetite and other conditions such as migraines, glaucoma, and headaches.

However, being a strong strain, users should be careful with the side effects such as cottonmouth, dry eyes, and in excessive dosage paranoia and headaches.

To Conclude

Sensi Star is the most award-winning Indica strain with over 22 major awards and cups in the past 15 years. This strain provides strong body effects with a mild cerebral high as the stain takes effect. A good strain for medical as well as recreational use, this strain boasts a THC averaging 22% and 0% CBD. If you have not tried the Sensi Star, you are missing out on a lot. If we didnt break it down enough and want even more info, check out Leafly’s take on Sensi Star.

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Happy Smoking!


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