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Seven Star Shatter – Green Crack

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Seven Star Shatter Green Crack

Seven Star Shatter is made from the finest quality AAAA Nug Run and lab tested to ensure purity and Consistency.

Do not be deceived by the name, we do not sell crack here at BC Kush, just the green stuff! Very little strains compare to the energy that Green Crack by Seven Star Shatter is able to give you. Keeping you energized throughout the day, whether that’s at work, at the gym or just hanging out Seven Star’s Green Crack will give you that mental buzz to keep you rockin’. Alongside the sharp fruitful flavor, Green Crack is like no other when patients or recreational users want to treat fatigue, mental and physical stress or depression during the day. Its one of our most popular strains, and after you smoke it, you’ll know why people replace coffee with it!

Giving the effects its no surprise that Green Crack is very popular, however many people are re-naming this strain because of how the name can “negatively” effect the image people have of Cannabis. Growers like to get a little creative when naming new strains, and Green Crack was definitely one of those moments when creativity and probably being a little stoned created the notorious “Green Crack Strain”.

If you prefer to smoke bud instead of shatter a product with similar attributes we have is Lambs Bread. AAAA Quality Strain grown locally in British Columbia to perfection. It was the Rasta king’s himself, Bob Marley’s favorite strain so give it a try and see why he loved it so much, and why we love it so much, and why YOU’LL love it so much.


Facts for the Stonerds:

Green Crack Strain

Do not have any second thoughts due to the name of this strain, it is pure cannabis without a trace of crack. Green Crack is a name given to this strain due to its unique high that is sometimes redolent of crack and to market the strain with its distinct name. Some cannabis users like to call it Kush or Green Kush due to the negative image the “Green Crack” perpetuates. This strain provides an invigorating mental buzz that is known to incite energy, creativity, and extreme focus on the users. The THC content of the Green Crack is estimated to be an average of 17%. With a tangy and fruity taste, the flavor of the Green Crack is suggestive of mango. This is a daytime strain suited if you have a long day of work. It immediately relieves depression, fatigue, and stress. 

The exact lineage of this strain is debated. However, one of the parents of this strain is Skunk No. 1 and there are traces of Afghani land-race. The Green Crack is the parent of two child strains – the Grand Hustle and The Ooze. This is definitely one of the best Indica in the market with soothing and uplifting effects that can keep you high for hours.

The Appearance of the Green Crack

The bud structure of the Green Crack is that of a classic Indica with dense flowers that are small and cluttered. The leaves can vary from growing conditions to phenotype and can be found in yellow and pale green. When the Green Crack plant is exposed to a cold environment during growth, it can also have hues of purple. The rust-colored pistils with milky-white trichomes make the flower gluey and bright making the overall appearance of the Green Crack bud a delightful wonder.

Aroma and Flavor

The Green Crack is an award-winning strain with features that make it a worthy adversary of any top cannabis strain. A beautiful strain with aroma and flavour that would allure any cannabis aficionado. The appearance of the strain matches its dynamic and tempting scent. With proper curing, the buds of Green Crack has a pungent citrus smell mixed with an undertone of wood and earthy. 

The drag is smooth that leaves a taste of mango on top and bottom of the tongue. During exhale, the strain’s Afghani heritage becomes more apparent with vague spicy and hashey taste.

Psychoactive Effects of Seven Star Shatter Green Crack

Even with the strong Indica characteristics from appearance, aroma to flavor, the high of the strain has a buzz that’s reminiscent of Sativa strain of cannabis. A strain that pumps energy into the user, this is a great daytime or morning strain. Household tasks such as dish washing, cleaning, and cooking can become more interesting after administering the strain. The strain also incites a creative side where the user can experience bursts of creative ideas. This makes this one of the best strains for artists, it can clear the artist’s block and get the project going.

Some users have also reported experiencing psychedelic effects such as visual distortions and time warp where everything seems to slow down. As the strain has uplifting effects and fills the user with vigor and energy, this is not a suitable nighttime strain. The Green Crack does not possess sedating or body-relaxing effects so it does not assist in sleep.

Medical Use and Negative Effects

A great strain for recreational use, the medical properties of the Seven Star Shatter Green Crack are limited. Regardless, some conditions such as fatigue and stress can be immediately relieved with the energizing effects of the Green Crack. People with depression and anxiety also benefit from the use of this strain. As the high takes the user in a world of its own, the patient starts living in the moment forgetting their worries and affair. However, in excessive dosage, the Green Crack can have some negative effects.

Aside from the common side effects of marijuana such as cottonmouth and dry eyes, excessive dosage results in recursive cerebral thinking that can lead to paranoia and panic.

Growing Tips

Compared to other strains, the Green Crack is easier to grow and recommended strain for new growers. It is suitable in both indoor and outdoor environments. A mature plant can reach a height of 3-4 feet with lateral branching. The plant matures at around 7-8 weeks providing a good yield. 

For users looking for an energizing strain for day or morning time use, the Green Crack has the right amount of THC and wonderful effects. If you would like to educate yourself more on Green Crack; please read Leafly’s Explanation.

If you would like to try out a shatter that is more Indica dominant; try out our Seven Star Shatter: White Castle!

Happy Smoking!

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