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Seven Star Shatter – Goddess

Seven Star Shatter | Goddess Strain Concentrate | Buy Now!

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Seven Star Shatter: Goddess Strain

Seven Star Shatter is made from the finest quality AAAA Nug Run and lab tested to ensure purity and Consistency.

Goddess Effects

An Indica dominant Hybrid Concentrate derived from the sativa strain Skunk #1 and Sweet Leaf Indica. The Goddess Strain has a 25/75 sativa-indica ratio and is sure to impress you with its relaxing and enlightening effects. It is known to be effective against depression, stress, anxiety, chronic pain and fatigue; making this strain useful for when you want to hangout with your friends or even when you get home from work and are unwinding for the rest of the day. When smoking Seven star shatter’s Goddess strain, one would expect to experience a very quick onset of a head rush. This is followed by an uplifting feeling of joy, happiness and relaxation which will last for hours. Experienced smokers of shatter and dabs favor this strain over others simply because of its euphoric feeling; and when you try Goddess by Seven Star Shatter for the first time, you’ll know why.

Goddess Aroma and Flavor

The Aroma of the Goddess Strain Dabs are very appealing and pleasing to the marijuana enthusiast. When Opening a package of the Goddess Concentrates by Seven Star Shatter; be prepared to have your nostrils filled with the scent of the most holy and thick fragrance of the Green Goddess herself. This particular strain by Seven Star Shatter holds a pungent aroma of a citrus-filled grapefruit mixed with a satisfying and pleasing note of really, really good weed that entices you to pick up the dab tool and get to dabbin’. The flavor that one gets is phenomenal. It doesn’t matter if you’re either dabbing it out of a torch or wrapping it around a joint; you’ll always get that sweet and candy-like flavor that this strain concentrate is famous for.

If you would like to know more about the Goddess Strain and its characteristics, please visit here.

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