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Seven Star SHATTER – God

Seven Star Shatter | God Bud Strain Concentrate | Buy now!

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Seven Star Shatter: God bud Strain

Seven Star Shatter is made from the finest quality AAAA Nug Run and lab tested to ensure purity and Consistency.

Seven Star Shatter God bud Strain Overview

The God Bud by Steven Star Shatter goes without saying, is some crazy stuff. The strain itself is famously known for producing insane amounts of resin because of its high potency. It was largely used for Medicinal users, but it has since been altered to also fit the recreational users needs. The strain has only ever been knows as “GOD”, originating from Canada and producing large amount of resin, leaving behind a over-the-top, amazing musky-sweet smell. The Seven Star God Bud is a very indica dominant balanced hybrid that allows users an almost hallucinogenic body high, with the amazing aroma and taste of tropical fruits and berries. This is also a BC originating bud, and you best bet we know a whole lot about it. If you think you have a high tolerance, or your stoner friend can handle anything; pick up the God bud by Seven Star Shatter and we bet you it lives up to his name.

Effects and Medicinal Purposes

Also named BC God Bud; this potent strain was developed to help with stress, pain, anxiety and insomnia. When smoking, expect to feel the effects immediately upon exhaling. After a short head rush, feeling of relaxation, happiness and euphoria take over and sleepiness follows a couple hours later. People who are diagnosed and suffer from chronic pains report that they disappear upon consumption of God Bud by Seven Star Shatter. If some strains of weed give you the sense of anxiety/paranoia, you do not have to worry about it with this strain as it gives off more of a body high. Expect to experience ‘cotton mouth’ as this strain really makes you thirsty and hungry; so be sure to have the snacks on deck before putting Gods Bud on your dab tool.

Aroma and Flavor

Known for it’s musky and sweet stench; God Bud packs a punch to your nostrils when you first open the packaging. Its so Loud, Its like you want to waft it to your nose like we used to do in chemistry class so the smells didn’t knock you out! This particular strain of cannabis concentrate is rich in a tropical fruit aroma with an abundance of piney and earthy undertones which make it smell heavenly when smoked. If you would like to know more about the God Bud strain; please refer to Leafly’s Explanation.

God By Seven Star Shatter is a 50/50 Sativa to Indica ratio. If you would like something more Sativa dominant; try our Seven Star Shatter: Golden Goat! If you would like something more Indica dominant; try our Seven Star Shatter: Seni Star!

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