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Seven Star Shatter – Dancehall

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Seven Star Shatter Dancehall Strain

Dancehall Strain by Seven Star Shatter. Well lets start off with the name. The feel you get when smoking this strain is supposed to be as if you’re in a dancehall. High spirits, happy, active and social bonding. Its a great strain to smoke before going out or hanging out with friends. Many users prefer to use this strain when doing recreational sports. No matter the use Seven Star Dancehall is sure to lift your spirits and put you in a happy or happier mood. The Dancehall strain was bred by combining Juanita La Lagrimosa and Kalijah, two Reggae Seeds with deep roots.

Its not often seeds are combined and product a strain that is as amazing as Dancehall right away, but on this occasion the strain was so good, it quickly became popular and began its use for Shatter, Oils and Distillates.

If you like the strain but prefer to smoke the good ol’ bud, BC Kush’s Lambs Bread, with similar effects and feeling is sure to do the job. Our Buds are always AAAA high quality.

Stonerds Breakdown of Dancehall Strain

Dancehall Strain Overview

A Sativa dominant hybrid, the Dancehall is bread by crossing Juanita La Lagrimosa (a hybrid with Spanish, Mexican, and Afghani landrace strains) and Kalijah (a strain from the cross of Mexican-Afghani and Blue Heaven). This strain is also known as CBD Dancehall with astounding high amounts of CBD content. CBD Dancehall is one of the few strains in the cannabis world with over 15% CBD. The strain also has a good amount of THC averaging at 9%, making this strain a CBD emphasis strain. Ideal for medical use, the Dancehall has a wide variety of medicinal use.

A creative strain, the high of the Dancehall will lift your spirits and incite creativity. A great daytime strain that is ideal for a social setting, the appearance of the cannabis is delightful and alluring with a variety of colors such as purple, green, red, and blue. Growing the Dancehall is considered to be moderately difficult suitable for veteran growers. The harvest time of the strain is in October at 9-10 weeks. Suitable to be grown indoors, the plant grows to a medium height with a good amount of flowers. This strain is the parent of two child strains – the Dance World, Royal Highness, O’ Haze Red, and Dinamed CBD.

Appearances of CBD Dancehall

Dancehall is a pretty looking strain with a large amount of frosty trichomes with shades of blue, green, and purple. There is also a slight red twist under the frosty and crystal-like trichomes. In some phenotypes, there might also be orange pistils poking out of the tendrils. The buds of the CBD Dancehall are medium in size with open stems. 

Flavour and Aroma

The first smell that hits you as you pick the Dancehall is the aroma of pineapple and diesel. There is also a slight trace of spicy and floral that might be a little hard to detect when smoking a joint. If you consume the CBD Dancehall using a flower vaporizer, the aroma of the strain will be more revealing with a floral and spicy smell. As you crack open the buds, the overall smell that hits you is a mix of sweet and spicy.

The aroma of the strain is a good indication of its taste with sweet, fruity, and spicy. There is also a slight trace of earthy during the exhale. It feels like you have picked berries off the ground and eaten. The pineapple aroma of the strain also reflects in its flavor. Overall, the Dancehall is a great smelling and tasting strain. The aroma and hits of its taste remain in your mouth even after you have smoked cannabis.

Medical Use

Ideal for daytime and social settings, the Dancehall provides a range of effects for your well-being such as happy, relaxed and lifting the spirit. Even with the low amounts of THC, this strain is effective in a variety of ailments including pain relief. The mood-lifting effects of the strain make it a good medication in depression, anxiety, and stress. Users also use this strain in treating inflammation.

Effects and High

A great overall strain, the low THC in the CBD Dancehall ensures that you stay focused and light-headed. Suggestive of its name, the Dancehall allows you to have a good time with people. The strain also incites arousal, so it’s a great strain to act on your feelings until the effects fade off. A unique strain due to its effects on the sexual drive, it can make you incredibly horny. This property makes the this a great strain for users with ED and other sex diseases. As already mentioned, this strain is great for social gatherings. If you anticipate dancing, this strain will allow you to do a lot of that. Although recreational users with high-tolerance levels can be put-off by the strain, remember even with the low amount of THC, the strain can provide a good psychoactive effect.

For people looking to do creative work such as writers and artists, this strain can bring creativity in the work with new ideas and flair of creativity. A great strain to clear the artist’s block, the Dancehall provides a mild but highly rewarding positive effect. If you would like to know more about this Strain; please visit Leafly’s Explanation!

Negative Effects of Seven Star Shatter Dancehall

Being a strain with low THC, the negative effects of Dancehall is minimal relative to other strain. You can experience cottonmouth, but not as much as other strains. New users can also experience dry eyes, paranoia, anxiousness, and headaches when consumed in large dosages.

This particular shatter is a 60/40 Sativa to Indica ratio. If you love shatter but would like something more Indica dominant; we suggest trying our Seven Star Shatter Seni Star!

Happy Smoking!

1 review for Seven Star Shatter – Dancehall

  1. Rick

    I haven’t smoked shatter in years, i found an old pen and I though, eh why not. This is a pretty wicked strain, good job guys!

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