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Purple Candy Strain

A great all-round strain, the Purple Candy is an Indica-dominant hybrid with strong relaxing effects. A strain native to British Columbia, it’s a cross between the BC Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps. The plant provides good produce with attractive flowers and a body high. The THC content measuring from 15-19% makes the Purple Candy a potent strain. With delightful flavors and exquisite taste, the Purple Candy is a perennial favorite of cannabis lovers. A potent strain, new users should be cautious while consuming the Purple Candy. A resinous and colorful bud, this cannabis strain is a favorite of veteran users. Even people with a high tolerance level will easily succumb to the effects of Purple Candy.

Users with a medical objective will be delighted due to the wide range of usage of this herb. Purple Candy with its deep and long-lasting effects comes as a great substitute for a wide range of medical ailments. Let’s have a look at the appearance, flavor & aroma, high, medical use, and negative effects of the Purple Candy.


The Purple Candy strain can be called as the king of Indica with large and resinous, multicolored buds. The primary colors that dominate the flower are deep green leaves that curl into the central steam with hints of purple from Mendocino Purps. On top of that, cloudy white trichomes cover the entire flower making it sticky and giving it a beautiful appearance. The bud has an Indica—structure with dense and tightly packed leaves similar to pinecones.

Aroma and Flavour

When used in a flower vaporizer, the Purple Candy comes off as a grape and sweet berry aroma with an undertone of pine and woody taste. If you grind the buds, the earthy and musky smell of the Purple Candy becomes more pronounced. When smoked in a joint or pipe, it provides a smooth and palatable smoke that does not hurt the throat. True to its name, the flavor of the Purple Candy does provide a candy-like sugary, and fruity flavour, but unlike a taste bud delight with the candy, this strain provides a relaxing Sativa effect.

Purple Candy High or Psychoactive Effects

The effects of this strain slowly creep on the user, usually taking several minutes before you realize the high. The signs that the strain is showing its effect is a concentrated pressure on the temple and around the eyes. Users also report experiencing time warp as everything around seems to slow down coupled with visual and auditory distortion. At first, the high of Purple Candy starts as thoughtful where users go into deep introspection thinking about their problem. The cerebral high of the strain can help the user accomplish any task of the day. This strain can be called a creative strain where users are analytical and open-minded. 

A great strain for artists, the Purple Candy can spur new ideas and get the project going. As the mind continuously races towards new ideas, it can also remove the artist’s block. With mind high slowly dissipating, the Indica side of the strain takes its effect providing a complete body relaxation. A tingle starts from the spine and spreads throughout the body to every limb. At this point, the user wants to simply lie down and relax, watch TV, or chat with friends. With increased dosage, couch-lock becomes a predominant effect of the strain. An all-round strain, the Purple Candy provides a combination of mind and body buzz that makes it an ideal medication for a variety of ailments.

Medical and Negative Effects 

The versatility of this strain makes it a good strain for medical use. As the strain provides cerebral high with mood-lifting effects, its use for patients suffering from medical disorders such as PSTD, depression, stress, and anxiety has significant improvement in the symptoms, at least till the effects of the cannabis lasts. Long-term effects are still under study but users who have been using the strain for a long time report experiencing improvement in their symptoms. The body high of Purple Candy provides a pain-numbing effect that can relieve chronic pains, headaches, migraines, and other muscle pains. At a point, the strain puts users in deep sleep that can last for hours, making it a good remedy for patients suffering from insomnia. 

The negative effects of this particular strain are similar to other strains of cannabis – cottonmouth, dry eyes, paranoia, headaches, and dizziness, but compared to other heavy strain, the effects of the Purple Candy is mild and most negative effects are only experienced when consumed in excessive dosage. If you would like to know more, please visit Leafly’s Explanation!

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  1. Dave McNelly

    This stuff is crazy! I ordered a quarter of this stuff and it was the most purple buds i have ever seen. Fell asleep while watching tv within 20 minutes of smoking lol

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