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Platinum Kush AAAA

platinum Kush is an all-time favorite for many Cannabis Enthusiasts, far and wide. Being a descendant and having the genetics of the infamous OG Kush Strain, this indica dominant hybrid carries a 10/90 sativa to indica ratio. This strain packs on allot of resin and is very sticky. If you’re planning to vape this stuff or use a bowl that has a screen, be cautious as the Platinum Kush is a serious screen killer! Packing the perfect balance of cerebral mind highs and body relaxation, this is the perfect strain for just about anyone!

Platinum Kush THC and CBD Content

This strain offers its patients a wide THC range, fluctuating from 15-20% potency. This gives the Platinum Kush a fair amount of THC, even for the experienced smoker. The Platinum Kush is perfect for people new to cannabis as well because of the wide range of THC. If you are looking for a strain that is abundant in CBD, This may not be the strain for you as this strain has <1%. Please refer to our strawberry cough Strain. As we all know, terpenes play an important role in the psychological effects of the weed as well. Platinum Kush has a far list of terpenes to go along with it; including Caryophyllene, Limonene and Myrcene.


The Platinum Kush Strain most definitely has some bag appeal to it. When receiving your package of Platinum Kush from us; expect to see some medium to large sized, dense nugs that cling together because of their stickiness. This strain looks similar to that of UK Cheese. Platinum Kush consists of light green buds with long red hairs; and often little bits of purple on the inside of the calyxes. The amount of Trichomes on the outside of the bud is insane, giving the Platinum Kush buds a yellow and white hue; hence the name ‘Platinum’. Furthermore, you best know there’s even more amounts of trichomes on the inside of the bud when you break it open!

Aroma and Flavour

If you love cheesy strains, you’re in for a treat! Platinum Kush has a very distinct Scent, it may remind you of UK Cheese! When unsealing the bag, expect to be hit with a wave of sweet, piney skunk with undertones of cheese and highlights of lemon pepper. It is truly remarkable and a scent that you won’t forget. When breaking Platinum Kush apart the smell becomes even more pungent, filling the room with its aroma and leaving a delightfully cheesy scent on your fingers. When smoking this strain brace yourself for a very thick, harsh smoke that will make you cough until tears form in the eyes. It tastes of sweet pine and cheese that will make you want to dive into your bag again and pack another bowl!

Psychological Effects and High

The high of Platinum Kush takes around 10 minutes to fully feel the effects of this wonderful strain. So if you’re wondering why you just smoke a huge bowl of this stuff and you don’t feel too much, just be patient! It creeps on you! The cannabis community have reported the high off this strain as sinking into a pillow made of clouds. After you stop coughing, you may fell pressure starting to build up at your temples, followed by tingles that flow down all the way to your toes and make your whole body numb. This is a very relaxing experience, and you’ll also get a floaty head high to go with it! This is definitely a evening/nighttime strain as it doubtlessly will give you some couch lock, as any other heavy indica would! This strain is also very euphoric and happy, so don’t be supersized if your giggling uncontrollably! It is not recommended to try and partake in physical activities or considerably anything that associates with moving when smoking Platinum Kush, because chances are you’ll be too high to do it. Therefore it is advised that you make sure you don’t have anything to do for the next few hours when consuming this wonderful strain.

Medical and Negative Effects

Favorited by many Medical Marijuana patients, the Platinum Kush Strain is known for its many medicinal purposes, and is very useful in treating a wide variety of conditions. For instance, people who suffer from Chronic Migraines and Depression/anxiety greatly benefit from consuming this strain because of its head high abilities and euphoric/happy attributes. Due to its intense body high people who suffer from Insomnia or Chronic Pain report that this strain greatly aids them in falling asleep or give them relief. A common Negative affect associated with this strain is dry mouth and dry eyes, so pick up your snacks and water from your nearest convenience store beforehand! If you would like to know more about this strain, please refer to Leafly for further information!

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