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MK Ultra Strain AAA

Here it is; The all-famous MK Ultra Strain! The Parent plants of this strain are two of the most well known strains in the cannabis industry: OG Kush and G13. This is an indica dominant Hybrid strain with a 40/60 sativa to indica ratio. You may have heard of the United States MK Ultra mind altering experiments in the 50’s; and this is what the MK Ultra Strain is named after, and you could probably guess why. Duly noted as one of the Heaviest Indica Dominant Hybrids in all of Cannabis History, this strain has won many high profile awards; like the High Times Cannabis Cup of 2003, and then 2nd place the year after. Trust us, you can’t go wrong when it comes to MK Ultra, and it definitely lives up to its name.

MK Ultra THC and CBD Content

MK Ultra has a very high THC content; ranging from around 17-21% in potency. Although it has an abundance of THC, the CBD content is not relevant, at <1%. If you’re looking for a strain that is a little more potent in CBD, BC Kush recommends trying out our Purple Candy Strain AAAA! If you’re looking for a strain with a high THC count, you’ve came to the right place. MK Ultra is a super potent strain that has a fine list of terpenes to go along with it. As we all know, THC content isn’t everything, as the terpenes play an important role in the high of the strain as well. This strain consists of Myrcene, Caryophyllene and Limonene.


The appearance of the MK Ultra strain is definitely a sight to see. Medium sized, pinecone nugs of minor density are usually consistent with the MK Ultra strain. It has a light green appearance with a little hint of blue towards the middle of the bud near the stem. Expect to see calyxes coated with a crazy amount of trichomes on the outside, and even more trichomes on the inside of the bud when you break it apart making this strain particularly sticky to the touch. This strain has just the right amount of red hairs, making it very eye appealing when you open your bag of MK Ultra. If you grind your weed in a three-stage grinder, you’ll be happy with the amount of keif you’re going to get when you grind this strain.

Aroma and Flavour

Because of the Terpenes MK Ultra consists of; you’re going to get a really pungent mix of an earthy aroma with undertones of fresh cut lemons and pepper. Whether you smoke or vape your product, you’re going to be happy by the way this strain tastes as you inhale and exhale it. When smoked, MK Ultra gives off a bit more of an earthy taste. But when vaped it enhances that lemon and pepper undertone and leaves your taste buds satisfied with a delightful mix of flavours.

psychological Effects and High of the MK Ultra Strain

MK Ultra is not a force to be reckoned with; there’s a reason why the creator of this strain named it MK Ultra and why it won so many high profile awards. Its named after the US mind-altering experiences because for at least a few hours, it severely alters your mind. If you’re new to cannabis or don’t smoke allot of it, we suggest you go fairly slow with this strain. Being one of the heaviest Indica dominant hybrids on the market, MK Ultra Induces highly powerful cerebral and hypnotic effects that hit almost immediately after exhaling. You’ll probably experience your eyes trying to close themselves like they do when you’re REALLY tired, and that’s because this strain induces an immense amount of couch lock. This strain is perfect for when you’re at home and you want to lay back and watch a movie, or just go to sleep. We don’t recommend doing anything really important or technical on this stuff though, as you probably won’t be able to do it very well. You might find yourself constantly smiling or giggling as well, being unable to stop due to its powerful euphoric effects. Perfect for evening or nighttime use, or on the weekend when you don’t have anything planned!

Medical and Negative Effects

MK Ultra has many Beneficial and Medical effects to the user. Medical Marijuana patients report that this strain helps best with stress, chronic pain, insomnia and depression/anxiety. Many Veterans also have reported that this strain is particularly very useful in battling combat stress due to its heavy couch lock abilities. For its negative effects the user may experience a little case of dry eyes, so keep a bottle of eye drops around if needed. If you would like to know more about this strain, please refer to MedicalJane for further information!

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