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Mimosa Strain

The Mimosa Strain; a Sativa Dominant Hybrid with a 70/30 Sativa to Indica ratio, was created by crossbreeding the all famous sativa Clementine strain and the Indica Purple Punch Strain. Steadily growing in popularity amongst the cannabis community, it was created back in 2017. If you’re looking to save a little bit of money but still smoke on some good weed, this is the strain for you!

How Much THC and CBD Content is in the Mimosa Strain?

The mimosa Strain has a humble level of CBD, ranging from about 0.05% in content; but you’ll be pleased to hear that the mimosa has an abundance of THC, leveling from about 20% to 23% in potency. This means that if you’re looking for a high CBD Strain this may not be the one; but BC Kush has a variety of strain selections with a higher CBD content. If you’re looking for a high THC strain that will knock your socks off, then you came to the right place!


The appearance of the Mimosa Strain is very appealing. When you get your shipment delivered from us; expect to be pulling out welcoming, light green nugs that are just begging to be ground up and packed into a bowl, or however you choose to consume your product. Although they might not be the densest of nugs since they are a hybrid of Sativa dominance; the THC trichomes and red hairs make up for it! If you don’t know what trichomes are; ‘trichomes’ is a Greek word that in English, translates to ‘hair’. They’re the THC hairs! If you look closely at a nug of weed, you’re going to see little tiny translucent hairs on the leaf of the bud that essentially hold the THC; and the Mimosa Strain is COVERED in trichomes.

The more hairs you see, the more potent the cannabis is going to be, and that’s what the typical marijuana enthusiast is going to want. Not only does more trichomes mean the more THC, but if you’re grinding your weed in a grinder with a kief compartment; that means you’re going to get allot more keif! The Red hairs on the bud indicate the maturity of the plant as it grows. Too much indicates that the grower waited too long to harvest; too little means that the grower didn’t wait long enough to harvest. The Mimosa Strain has just the right amount of red hairs on it, showing you that the grower waited just long enough to harvest these bad boys.

Aroma and Flavour

Aroma and Flavour is really important in the cannabis community, and the aroma and flavour the Mimosa Strain gives off is pristine. Trust us, it’s gonna leave you smiling! Imagine sippin’ mimosas on a tropical Oceanside; no worries in mind. This is exactly the aroma this strain gives off, truly exquisite! Thanks to its terpenes; this strain gives off a nice herbal, citrus, piney and fruit punch stench that will remind you of drinking mimosas on vacation! The falvour is also heavenly; a nice citrus punch with fruity and pine undertones that will leave you satisfied and want to smoke more. But just like drinking beach-side mimosas, you don’t wanna go overboard. This stuff is strong!

Psychological Effects and High of Mimosa Strain

The psychological effects and the high of the mimosa strain is very enjoyable. Its best smoked during the daytime or the morning because of its Sativa Dominance. If you’re looking for a new wake-n-bake strain; you’ve come to the right place. Cannabis enthusiasts who have used this strain report that its one of their favorites when they wake up, need to get stuff done, or if they’re about to do an activity that requires allot of energy! It is not typically recommended to smoke this strain during the night since it will keep you awake; but if you’re pulling an all-nighter for whatever reason then grind up some mimosa and get your lighter handy! The Mimosa Strain is a very pleasant daytime smoke due to its energizing and uplifting effects. It will even help you stay focused!

Medical and Negative Effects

The Mimosa Strain can be used for many medicinal reasons as it has quite a bit of medical properties. Because of its happy and uplifting attributes; many medical marijuana patients have reported that the mimosa strain is perfect for treating depression, stress and anger. If you’re a little flustered, roll up a joint with this stuff and all your worries will go away! Its also very effective against anxiety, pain and fatigue. If you suffer from any of these conditions then the Mimosa Strain is just right for you! If you would like to know more about the famous Mimosa Strain; please check out this strain overview!

Some drawbacks of the Mimosa Strain are your typical marijuana side effects. You may experience some dry mouth and dry eyes! But these side effects can be corrected with snacks, water and some eye drops.

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