LivWell Distillate Cartridges

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Contains: 1ml Distillate Liquid



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LivWell Distillate Cartridges

LivWell Distillate Cartridges contain the Nectar of the Cannabis Gods; some of the highest quality and content of THC Oils.

This product has been lab tested to ensure purity and consistency.

LivWell Distillate Cartridges Overview

Distillate, like the substance in these LivWell Distillate Cartridges, are known to be as the ‘fine dining of cannabis products’. A distillate is a fluid, semitransparent oil that doesn’t contain the wax or the compounds nobody wants from the original bud itself. Distillate is in high demand because its very versatile and potent. You can think about it like a high end wine that’s been refined more times and for a longer time than an oil. It can be used with dabs, vapor, and to mix in as an ingredient in all kinds of edibles, and other products. Distillate concentrates are made from a long refinement process that removes all the matter from the flower/bud that may also be found in all common THC Oils like your typical shatters and wax.

The smoking experience of LivWell Distillate Cartridges is simple and smooth. You will never experience a dry hit on these cartridges, and the hit is smooth all the way through. It attaches to your standard PEN and being more potent it will last longer too, as less hits go a long way! The Quality of the LivWell Distillates can be observed not only when smoking this product, but it is also very visually appealing. The pigment of the distillate can tell you how Quality a distillate product actually is before you smoke it; and the Distillate Cartridges by LivWell are crystal-clear to a point where you can easily see through the oil. Clear oil is very important when looking for a quality product as it shows that the producer took their time in procuring and curing the oil itself; as well as using top-quality bud to ensure that the consumer is left with a pure oil of the distillate substance alone.

The best thing about these LivWell Distillate Cartridges is that there is NO ARTIFICIAL OR FLAVORING OR ADDITIVES of any kind whatsoever; all the ingredients found in this oil are 100% extracted from cannabis. Yes, you guessed it; all the flavoring in the LivWell Cartridges are 100% terpenes found in the cannabis that the distillate itself was extracted from, and these terpenes pack a punch to not only your taste buds, but to the health benefits as well. If you would like to know more about products like this one, and are interested in expanding your knowledge on Distillate Concentrates; check out Leafly’s Explanation.

Livwell Distillate Cartridges come in multiple flavors as follows: Strawberry Cough, Banana Kush, Skittlez, Gelato and Super Lemon Haze.

If you think that the LivWell Distillate Cartridges may be too strong for you, and are still looking for a concentrate pen that satisfies your needs; we recommend checking out our Phyto Extractions Vape Pen.



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