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Lambs Bread

Lambs Bread cannabis strain, popularized by the music legend Bob Marley is a Jamaican strain of cannabis that is renowned for its energetic effects. This strain is believed to be a phenotype of Skunk but the effects are quite distinct with the uplifting and creative Sativa properties. Lambs Bread has two child strains the Pan Jam and Sour Breath. The leaves of the plant are bright green and gluey. 

The relaxing and energetic effects are predominant with users quickly succumbing to the buzz of the strain relieving stress and easing depression. With an average THC of 16.5% and terpenes such as herbal, peppery, and citrusy, the lambs Bread is not the most potent of cannabis strains, but do not make the mistake of taking it lightly, it can pack a punch. When administered in a careless dosage can lead to paranoia, anxiousness, and dizziness.

If you have heard cannabis helps you sleep and you are suffering from insomnia, this strain is not for you. The Lambs Bread will keep you wide awake in a state of creativity and deep thinking. The CBD content in the Lambs Breath is 1%, which makes this strain of cannabis ideal for medicinal use.   


The Sativa nature of the plant is quite visible in the appearance of the Lambs Bread. The plant has a tall stature with narrow leaves and a short flowering cycle. The plant produces its best when grown in a warm climate. Best to be grown outdoors due to its height and the room it requires, the Lambs Bread buds are remarkable, not due to a variety of color, but due to their distinct and vibrant green. The buds are from medium to large size, dense, and a frosty coat of trichomes all the way to the leaves. Covering the entire leaves is the bright yellow pistils, curled and blended perfectly among the leaves. Although the Lambs Bread is not as fancy with a variety of colors as some other strains, it can easily be placed among the better-looking strain in the cannabis hierarchy.    

Aroma & Flavor

A distinct cheesy and skunky aroma, the Lambs Bread can be easily identified. The smell of the strain can also be compared to that of fresh Tobacco. A quite pungent aroma that fills the room with pine, sour, and woody, but not as clingy to clothes as tobacco.  

The smell of the Lambs Bread is in no way an indication of its taste. The smoke tastes like creamy and sweet, which makes it a pleasurable experience to smoke and bake. A smooth and gentle drag, the whole experience of smoking the Lambs Bread is exquisite.   


A powerful strain, the Lambs Bread, can leave you feeling positive and cheerful, serene yet powerful. It does not make you lazy in any way. Being an active strain, you are pumped with new energy and drive. A clarity in mind and thought, this is certainly one of the best daytime strains. With the high lasting for hours on end, you would be laughing and giggling uncontrollably.

Suitable for social interactions, you can administer the strain on picnics and other social outings. A creative strain, the Lambs Bread can clear the artist’s block and get the project going. New ideas seem to pop out of nowhere and you are excited enough to act on them. Users who use the strain report experiencing a mix of feelings from happy, euphoric, creative, uplifted to energetic.  

Medical Use

Being a Sativa-dominant strain with a slight trace of Indica, the Lambs Bread’s effects are mostly cerebral making it an effective medication in a variety of mental disorders such as ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, stress, and depression. Users also use this strain for a range of other disorders such as glaucoma, lack of appetite, migraines, bipolar disorder, fatigue, and inflammation.  

Side Effects

There has been no reported fatality directly from the use of any strain of cannabis, but being a cerebral strain when administered in inappropriate dosage, there can be some side effects of Lambs blood such as paranoia. The negative effects associated with other strains of cannabis such as dry eyes and mouth, anxiousness, and dizziness can also be expected with this strain. But seasoned users and those with high-tolerance should only have good things to say about the Lambs Bread.

Lambs Bread Conclusion

Lambs Bread is a premium strain of cannabis with predominant cerebral effects. This is the perfect daytime medication that can make you active and want to do things. There is absolutely no couch-lock associated with this strain. The taste and aroma are all pleasant. This strain is effective against a wide range of medical diseases. Wiki Leaf has more info about it here.

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2 reviews for Lambs Bread AAAA

  1. Ethan Rabter

    This lambs bread is amazing! Was very surprised on the price considering how top quality this weed is. Came right to my door in a discrete package a couple days after I ordered it.

  2. Ashleigh Mcphee

    Ive been smoking a long time and if I had to choose to smoke one type of weed for the rest of my life this is it. Shipping was super fast thanks guys! Will order again.

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