Jagermeister Strain (JGR) AAAA

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Jagermeister Strain AAAA

Jagermeister Strain, or also known as the abbreviation JGR; is a very indica dominant hybrid ranging in the 80/20 indica to sativa ratio. Bred in Southern Oregon; it was named after the German Alcoholic beverage that we all know and love, but unfortunately this Jagermeister doesn’t mix very well with Red Bull. Sadly, not much is known about the Jagermeister strain heritage, but it is rumored to be a crossbreed of LA Confidential and everyone’s favorite; Blue Dream. Either that, or its a part of the Hindu Kush family. Who knows!

JGR Strain THC and CBD Content

The Jagermeister Strain is a fairly potent strain, ranging from about 17-19% THC content. with the CBD on the other hand, has little to no relevant amount, ranging at less than 1% CBD. So if you’re looking for a strain that is high in CBD, this may not be the strain for you. Instead, we recommend our Purple Candy AAAA! If you’re looking for a weed strain with a considerable amount of THC, you’ve came to the right place. The 17-19% THC range means that you’re going to get a really nice, enjoyable high off of the Jagermeister Strain in just a few puffs; but it won’t be too overwhelming. This THC range is around the average for AAAA weed; so for you newbies, you’re going to be able to gauge yourself on this strain without getting too high. For you cannabis experts; this range is sure to fit your needs.


Light greens, dark greens, orange, purple; you could go on and on about the vibrant colours this strain has! The Jagermeister strain has it all, nearly every colour in the rainbow! The JGR strain consists of gorgeous, vibrant buds that are 100% sure to catch your eye. Light green nugs, with undertones of purple and just the right amount red hairs; and not to mention the Trichomes! The Jagermeister strain is COATED in crystals; enough to make any cannabis enthusiasts jaw drop to the floor. Seriously, this stuff is gonna make your fingers sticky. The nug shape of this strain is similar to a pinecone, and are very dense with purple calyxes.

Aroma and Flavour

Not to worry, The Jagermeister Strain doesn’t fully smell like its alcoholic counterpart; only a little! The JGR strain has a very strong aroma, a musky weed smell with a hint of black licorice and gas that will give you a sour face, but intrigue you to smoke it. Trust us, if you’ve never had the Jagermeister strain before, you’ve never smelt a weed strain quite like this one. If you’ve had JGR before, then you know exactly what i’m talking about. It also tastes exactly how it smells, and for 99% of you that hate black licorice; you’re just gonna have to suck it up! But trust me, its 100% worth it.

JGR Strain Psychoactive Effects and High

Being a 80/20 indica dominant hybrid, the Jagermeister strain has some highly calming effects. Don’t expect this strain to boost you with energy. If you are looking for a strain that has such characteristics; we recommend trying out our Duke Nukem Strain AAAA! JGR is reported to have a really strong body high, but don’t worry; it’s more of a relaxing feeling than a sedating feeling. This means that the Jagermeister strain won’t necessarily put you to sleep or make you feel tired. Instead you’ll feel more relaxed and laid back, meaning you will still be able to go about and do your daily routine and activities. It does have a mild ‘burnout’ or couch lock felling at the end of your high, so we recommend smoking this strain in the evening or towards the end of the day. During the peak of the high, you’ll experience an uplifting and functional body high making you feel happy, euphoric and tingly.

Medical and Negative Effects

The Jagermeister Strain has many medical benefits! Cannabis patients have reportedly used this strains for a variety of conditions because of its high THC content and deep indica abilities. It is best used to treat chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia! If you suffer from any of these conditions, BC Kush definitely recommends giving this a try; you wont be disappointed. Some Drawbacks of the JGR Strain may include dry mouth, eyes and dizziness. So get some snacks and water, some eye drops and take a seat! If you would like to learn more about the Jagermeister strain, please refer to Wikileaf for more information!

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