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Gorilla Breath Strain AAA – #5

Gorilla breath #5, is the 5th iteration of the Gorilla Breath Strain. Its parent strains are known to be two very infamous strains among the cannabis community; Gorilla Glue #4 and the OG kush Breath Strain. This strain is a indica dominant hybrid strain, bringing on about a 20/80 sativa to indica ratio. Being that the Gorilla Breath Strain has the genetics of 2 of the most famous strains in the world, you’re definitely going to want to try some of this stuff if you haven’t already; its doubtlessly a must-try strain!

How Much THC and CBD does the Gorilla Breath Strain Have?

The Gorilla Breath Strain really packs a punch! With THC that nearly goes through the roof on the scale, you’re typically going to see a Gorilla Breath Strain Potency of around 25-27% THC. Really, This weed strain is not for the faint of heart. This will knock even the most experienced smokers on their ass! If you’re new to cannabis, you might want to go a little slow with the Gorilla Breath Strain. For CBD Content, it really has no relevant amount, sitting at the <1% mark. If you’re looking for a strain with a little higher CBD content, we recommend taking a look at our Strawberry Cough Strain! Furthermore, if you’re looking for a strain that has a really high THC potency, then the Gorilla Breath Strain is just right for you.


The appearance of Gorilla Breath Strain is actually quite similar to that of its parent strain, OG Kush! Light Green, medium sized nugs will be observed when you order your Gorilla Breath bag from BC Kush. When looking at the bud from a more close up perspective you’ll be able to see vibrant light green leafs sprouting from the calyxes of the bud. A yellow hue surrounding the nug is developed from the amount of trichomes sprouting from the surface of the leaves and calyxes, making the Gorilla Breath Strain very appealing and giving it a favorable bag appeal. Just the right amount of red hairs sprout out from the surface of the bud, and when you break open the nug you will be supersized to see that the inside looks even more yellow then the outside; housing a substantial amount of THC hairs.

Aroma and Flavour

Do I smell Chocolate? Yes, yes you do! The Gorilla Breath Strain emits a wonderful aroma filled with vanilla chocolate and diesel, Its truly quite unique. You’re going to be surprised when you open the sealed bag, getting hit with a wave of sweet smells that you have never smelt from a strain before. It’s going to smell like you’re eating a candy bar in an old diesel truck, but in a good way! This smell is so strong, its going to fill the whole room before you even light it up! The flavour you get off the Gorilla Breath is also very memorable; dark notes of chocolate with a hint of vanilla and pepper. The smoke is very thick and pungent, so when smoking this strain be prepared to cough!

Phsychological Effects and High of Gorilla Breath Strain

Not for the novice smoker, The gorilla Breath Strain is VERY potent. As mentioned above, this strain can have a potency of 27% THC! If you’re new to cannabis, be precautions when trying this strain for the first time or maybe try something more light, like our Mimosa Strain. If you consider yourself to be a cannabis expert, prepare yourself to be impressed! This strain can knock even the professionals off their feet, and if you doubt us then order yourself some Gorilla Breath and try it with your friends! Not to be underestimated, This is a very heavy body high and we recommend it should not be used if you plan on doing anything after smoking it. It doesn’t necessarily make you tired, it just makes your body feel like a noodle! Right after smoking, both mental and body effects take place, bringing tingles to your head and numbing your body, giving you a deeply relaxing euphoria that lasts for hours.

Medical and Side Effects

Gorilla Breath is known for its many medicinal properties and benefits across the medical marijuana community. Its performance is impeccable when treating headaches, chronic pain and fatigue, nausea and loss of appetite! If you suffer from any of these conditions, order a bag of Gorilla Breath Strain and you won’t be disappointed; when you try it for yourself to treat your condition you’ll be happy that you did! Typical side effects from using this strain is dry mouth and dry eyes, so make sure that you have your snacks, water, and eye drops in handy when you smoke Gorilla Breath #5! If you would like to know more about this strain, please refer to Leafly.

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