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Duke Nukem Strain AAAA

Yes, its named after the video game character. And no, it will not give you alien-fighting abilities. We have no idea why its named after the video game, but it sure is a good fitting name for this crazy strain. The Duke Nukem Strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid that holds a 65/35 Sativa to Indica ratio; the child strain of Chemmando and Chernobyl. This means that you’re going to get the crazy mental mind high of a sativa; but at the same time you’re going to experience the cerebral, calming body high of the Indica cannabis. Famous for its psychoactive abilities, insanely beautiful buds, and of course its name; the Duke Nukem Strain is a must-try sativa hybrid that the team at BC Kush are proud to provide.

THC and CBD Content of the Duke Nukem Strain

The Duke Nukem Strain has an average THC content of 20% and little to no CBD (0.02%). If you’re looking for a strain that is more abundant in CBD, please refer to our Indica category, as our Indica Strains are more rich in CBD. This is a great strain if you’re looking for something in the high-THC range, with strong mind and body effects that will last for hours.


The appearance of the Duke Nukem Strain can almost be described as majestic. Even though it is of sativa-dominance, expect medium sized dense nugs when you receive your package of Duke Nukem from BC Kush. The light green and orange colours are sure to catch your eyes; and to even make it better the buds are coated in a nice, thick layer of trichomes that make this strain of cannabis sticky-icky to the touch. This bud even has a little bit of a pink highlight to it, giving the Duke Nukem Strain a little bit of everything when it comes to the appearances of cannabis.

Aroma and Flavour

The aroma of this strain is quite subtle, yet quite memorable. If you’ve smoked this strain before; you’ll be able to distinct a nug of Duke Nukem blindfolded. It has a slight rosy/fruity scent that tingles the nose when you smell it, which really accents the pink highlights in the appearance of the bud. The flavour is amazing, especially when vaporized. It almost tastes like candy; a fruity taste that lingers in the mouth long after you exhale it. When smoked, expect to have the flavour a little more dark and muted with a piney aftertaste.

Psychoactive Effects and High of the Duke Nukem Strain

Sorry to disappoint, but the Duke Nukem strain really does not give you alien-fighting abilities! (unless you already had them Duke Nukem would just make you better).  Because of its sativa- dominant hybrid status, this strain gives you a very intense, yet not too intense and enjoyable mind high which gets the creative juices flowing. You can just pretend you’re fighting aliens! Along with the creativeness, smoking the Duke Nukem Strain will make you very happy/euphoric and energetic. This strain is best smoked in the morning or during the day! This strain gets you really high, but its really good at making it so you can still function and go about your daily activities. This makes it good for chores, activities that require energy, or social interactions. The creative aspect of the Duke Nuken Strain may want you to draw a picture, or go out and enjoy the nice outdoors!

Medical and Negative Effects

Duke Nukem has many beneficial medicinal aspects. What really stands out is its ability to treat ADD/ADHD! So if you suffer from these disorders, you’ve came to the right place. The Duke Nukem Strain will make you focus like no other, so you can focus on what you’re doing and have fun doing it. People who have chronic fatigue report that this strain is very successful in keeping them awake and functioning! Other things that benefit from Duke Nukem are depression, stress/anxiety, and loss of appetite. If you suffer from these conditions then try out the Duke Nukem Strain! Some side effects of this strain could include dry mouth, dry eyes, and in some cases dizziness. So grab your snacks and water, take a seat and smoke up! If you would like to know more about this strain; please refer to this Overview!

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