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Bubble Hash

Our Bubble Hash is extracted from only the finest AAAA Weed that BC Kush has to offer. A more ‘old school’ form of concentrate that became popular in the 90’s, Our High- Grade Bubble Hash is made using the traditional methods of conceiving this fine and elegant product. This product is made from the tiny Trichomes found on the leafs and calyxes of the marijuana bud; and put through a process of refinery so that the plant material is taken out. It is a solvent-less extract that contains no residual or unwanted solvents making it nearly pure. Traditional, normal Hash has a potency of around 30-40% THC. This type of hash is produced in a different way than Traditional Hash; and we’re proud to say that our BC Kush Bubble Hash has an average potency of 65% THC! That’s over 3x more potent than the Average AAAA Weed Strain! Bubble Hash is produced in a cleaner way than your typical BHO like crumble, wax and shatter concentrates; and is a very clean THC concentrate to consume! If you would like to Know more about this product, please refer to WeedMap’s blog for more information!

How do you Consume Bubble Hash?

This product can be consumed in many ways; put it in your joint with flower, your pipe, or even your cannabis vape! You’re going to be surprised by how good it tastes, and even more surprised with the high it gives you!

Note: This is a Concentrated form of THC, and if you’re new to Cannabis Concentrates then precautions should be taken into place when trying this product for the first time. Try smoking a little bit at a time until the ideal level of high for you is achieved.

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